Biophysical tools to study immune signaling events
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  • Biophysical tools to study immune signaling events

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Date: Thursday, March 09, 2017
Time: 13:40 – 14:30
Location:  MDBF L047

Title: Biophysical tools to study immune signaling events

Cell membrane dynamics is crucial for immune reactions as most of the signaling events initiate at the plasma membrane surface upon ligand-receptor binding. In order to study these events in more isolated membrane environment (free from e.g., cytoplasm, cortical actin etc.), model membranes are generally used. Here, we show how we apply existing model membranes systems and develop new membrane systems to study crucial immunological events such as T-cell receptor or Fc receptor signaling. Giant plasma membrane vesicles (GPMVs), for instance, are derived from native cell membrane by chemical blebbing. This semi-artificial model system exhibits nearly full lipid and protein complexity of the cellular plasma membranes. We used GPMVs as well as advanced spectral imaging to show whether T-cell and mast cell activations are influenced by ordered membrane domains, often referred as lipid rafts. We also apply them to investigate the energy landscape of T-cell and mast cell activation.