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Title:                Optimal Operation of Interdependent Power Systems and Electrified Transportation Networks

Speaker:         Dr. Orkun Karabasoglu

Date/Time:      Wednesday, April 5th, 13:40pm - 14:30pm

Location:         FENS L035


Optimal Operation of Interdependent Power Systems and Electrified Transportation Networks

 Dr. Orkun Karabasoglu

SYSU-CMU Joint Institute of Engineering

Electrified transportation and power systems are mutually coupled networks. In this talk, a novel framework and methodology for the joint operation of power and transportation networks will be presented. Our approach constitutes solving an iterative least cost vehicle routing process, which utilizes the communication of Electrified Vehicles (EVs) with competing charging stations to exchange data, such as electricity price, energy demand, and time of arrival. EV routing problem is solved to minimize the total cost of travel using the Dijkstra algorithm with the input from EVs battery management system, electricity price from charging stations, powertrain component efficiencies, and transportation network traffic conditions. Through the bidirectional communication of EVs with competing charging stations, EVs charging demand estimation is done much more accurately. Then, the optimal power flow problem is solved for the power system, to find the locational marginal price at load buses where charging stations are connected. Finally, the electricity prices are communicated from the charging stations to the EVs, and the loop is closed. Locational electricity price acts as the shared parameter between the two optimization problems, i.e. optimal power flow and optimal routing problem. Electricity price depends on the power demand, which is affected by the charging of EVs. On the other hand, location of EV charging stations and their different pricing strategies might affect the routing decisions of the EVs. Our novel approach that combines the electrified transportation with power system operation, holds tremendous potential for solving electrified transportation issues and reducing energy costs. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated using Shanghai transportation network and IEEE 9-bus test system. The results verify the cost-savings for both power system and transportation networks.