CS Seminar: Cybersecurity in Emerging Networking Paradigms
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  • CS Seminar: Cybersecurity in Emerging Networking Paradigms

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Speaker: Gürkan Gür

Title:  Cybersecurity in Emerging Networking Paradigms

Date/Time: July 6, 2017 (10:00-11:00)

Place: FENS 2019


Abstract: The prevalent diffusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into the daily life and critical operations of industries and urban infrastructure is an ongoing phenomenon. Accordingly, these systems have become an indispensable component of our civilization’s communication and interaction substrate. However, this vast interconnection facilitated by ubiquitous communication infrastructure has generated a tremendous increase in the variety and quantity of cyber-threats. Traditional IT security issues have expanded into new sources of threat such as new networking technologies, IoT, software-defined systems, social networking, cloud computing, smart mobile devices and ‘bring your own device’(BYOD) policies. Moreover, the everlasting "security challenge" transmutes into  a massive undertaking with the exponentially-growing size and heterogenity in these systems. This talk focuses on these emerging ICT systems and discusses cybersecurity challenges primarily from a networking perspective. To this end, we present some of our recent work and discuss related research findings. Moreover, we identify key elements and components which will drive cybersecurity research in order to address complex and sometimes conflicting security requirements. We finalize the talk with various research questions highlighting their potential impact on prospective teaching and research activities from our perspective.

Short Bio: Dr. Gürkan Gür is currently a senior researcher at Telecommunications and Informatics Technologies Research Center (TETAM) of Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. His research interests include cybersecurity and next-generation wired/wireless communications systems, focusing on a unified view of 5G and Future Internet while primarily elaborating on secure software-defined and heterogeneous networks. He also teaches at the Dept. of Computer Eng. as part-time faculty and supervise graduate students. Moreover, he manages and/or takes part in national, H2020, ITEA and CELTIC-PLUS research projects as academic consultant, senior researcher and project team leader. More information on his research activities and publications can be found at his homepage (http://www.cmpe.boun.edu.tr/~gur/).
Contact: Hüsnü Yenigün