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Gözde Bulgurcu
Industrial Engineering, MSc Thesis. 2017


Thesis Jury

Prof. Dr Erhan Budak (Thesis Advisor)

Assoc. Prof. Burç Mısırlıoğlu

Assoc. Prof. Umut Karaguzel



Date & Time: 28th, July 2017 –  12.00 PM

Place: FENS G032

Keywords : Micromilling, Multi-objective optimization, Parameter selection, Production time, Production Cost, Tool life, Surface roughness, Burr height, Cutting forces




Micromilling process has a rising demand in recent years where the production industry is becoming more competitive with the advancing technology. Micro end milling varies from conventional milling with its unique cutting dynamics due to the geometrical size reduction. The size reduction precludes the application of conventional milling models to micromilling process. The main aim of this research is to determine micromilling parameters and conditions for improved productivity and part quality by considering multiple constraints and objectives at a time, unlike the previous studies on micro end milling process optimization which are limited and focus to optimize one objective at a time. In this study, production time and cost are minimized respecting certain values of cutting forces, burr size and surface quality constraints. The effects of parameters; cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut on these objectives and constraints are investigated. For the first time, parameter selection in micro end milling process is done through multi-objective optimization using Particle Swarm Optimization method. Optimal process parameters are proposed for minimum process cost and minimum process time.