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Speaker: Prof. Zoubeir Larfaj

Title: 3D Printing in Construction:State of the Art and Next Challenges

Date/Time: February 16, 2018  /  13:40-14:30

Place: FENS L058


Abstract: Prof. Zoubeir LAFHAJ has 5 strategic Research thematic: Pr. Zoubeir LAFHAJ has been working for years on the theme of industrialization in construction. Among its projects, "Industry 4.0 in Construction" financed by ADEME. "Industry 4.0" is characterized by continuous and instant communication and exchange of information between the various tools and workstations integrated in the production and supply chains. This research axis aims to develop this concept in construction. He has also realized several projects related to "3D printing" in the construction sector, notably the one with BOUYGUES: Project "Prototype 3D printing for construction". This project is a pioneer in France. "Energy Efficiency". This Research axis is critical since the building sector is the first major consumer of national energy with about 44% of the final energy and contributes nearly a quarter of the national greenhouse gas emissions.Along with the largest energy consumption, the construction has the lowest productivity among all existing industries. This challenge has led Prof. Zoubeir LAFHAJ to consider new approaches to improving the construction sector, thus the Research thematic of "Lean Construction"."Prospection of innovative materials, characterization and valorization in civil engineering”: examples are: self-healing materials, geo-polymer-based materials, intelligent materials that are designed to have one or more properties that can be significantly altered in a controlled manner by external stimuli (such as stress, temperature, humidity…) and which can be introduced in civil engineering to substantially improve the building and the of the inhabitant’s experience.

Short Bio: 

Pr. Zoubeir LAFHAJ, PhD in civil engineering. He is Professor at the M. Eng. Graduate School of Engineering at Ecole Centrale de Lille, - French Grande Ecole, and former Dean of International affairs (2008 -2015), member of the Executive Committee of the School, responsible for the track (Planning, Construction and Environment).

Prof. Zoubeir LAFHAJ also develops a strong network of technology and knowledge transfer in national and international companies. He was elected as a member of the Board of Directors in the Competitiveness Cluster Team² (environmental technologies applied to materials and materials). He launched collaborative contracts and multiple partnerships with international and regional companies to participate in their development R & D and industrial leadership.

Prof. Zouber LAFHAJ is also an HEI Expert with a wide international exposure. He performs actions of joint research (joint PhD supervision and project) with many countries including Tunisia, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Lebanon, USA, Ethiopia and Poland. He is an Associate editor in the most prestigious international journals and have published more than 200 articles in International, National journals and conferences. He was invited to numerous lectures as keynote speaker and an invited professor several universities.

Prof. Zoubeir LAFHAJ has taught in prestigious universities in Africa (Ethiopia, Tunisia…), Europe (France, Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany), Asia (Japan, China, Philippines) and America (Canada, USA, Chile and Brazil). He speaks several languages and is passionate about innovation, education, research and entrepreneurship. 

Contact: Mehmet Ali Gülgün