The Success of old M.S. Mechatronics Engineering Student10-05-2018

The Success of old M.S. Mechatronics Engineering Student Mostafa Shojaeian in Research

The journal article of title " Pool boiling and flow boiling on micro- and nanostructured surfaces"  of Sabancı University M.S. Mechatronics Engineering graduate student Mostafa Shojaeian, which was co-authored by the Faculty Member of FENS/SUNUM Dr. Ali Koşar, was published in Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, one of the most prestigious journals in the field of Thermal-Fluid Sciences.  This article attracted much attention of the heat and mass transfer and thermal science community so that it has been in the 25 most cited research articles list in this journal:

This article received 50 citations within a time period of less than 3 years.