Attention to FENS UG students: new requirements for ENS 491 Course23-08-2019

Dear Students, 

ENS 491 Graduation Project (Design) and ENS 492 Graduation Project (Implementation) courses are mandatory for FENS students as part of their graduation requirements. Currently students who have completed 80 SU credits can register to ENS 491 and ENS 492 courses in two consecutive terms starting either at Fall or Spring terms (i.e. no summer school available for ENS 491 and ENS 492).

Starting next fall semester of  2019- 2020 academic year, there will be additional requirements to enroll to this course depending the program you are in:

Mandatory prerequisite courses:

·  BIO students: BIO 303

·  CS students: CS 300

·  EE students: EE 202 or ENS211

·  IE students: (2019- 2020 Fall and Spring):  IE 301 or IE 311

·  IE students: (starting from 2020- 2021 Fall):  IE 312

·  MAT students: (2019- 2020 Fall and Spring): MAT 312 or MAT 314 or ENS 202

·  MAT students: (starting from 2020- 2021 Fall):  MAT 312 or MAT 314

·  ME students: ME 301 or ME 303 or ENS 206 

Students must provide both of two requirements (completing 80 credits and completing pre-requisite course of their own program) to enroll  ENS 491 course.


*For double major students, fulfilling the requirements for one of their chosen programs is sufficient to enroll in ENS 491 course (i.e. completing 80 credits and the mandatory pre-requisite course requirements for one of their chosen program). 

We advice you to plan your courses in your following years considering this modification. 

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to