IE402 Add / Drop Period23-02-2021

Dear Students,

During the add-drop period, registration to IE402 Course and the Lab sessions will be available only by "Special Approval" of the Instructor. Thus, please pay attention to the below points
- Unless, you aim dropping the course, please do not drop the course and lab sessions, for any reason (during the add-drop period).
- Be aware that you have to attend the Lab session which you are registered, throughout the semester.
- If you couldn't register IE402 due to restrictions and if you still want to be registered to the course, please fill in below form by 25 February 2021 - 23:00, in order to justify your case. The form will be closed on this date. Late requests, email communications or whatsoever will NOT be considered. Being on time is the responsibility of yours.
- Your academic standing will be evaluated (based on Credits, CGPA and grades in pre-req courses) and you will be notified whether you can get 'special approval' to register the course by March 1, 2021