Dean's Message

Canan Atılgan FENS Acting Dean

Welcome to the Sabancı University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS) website. Our website reflects our mission; our commitment to teaching, research and sharing knowledge with society.

We regard teaching as of main importance. Our program curricula are flexible, enabling each student to decide on her/his path. We ask our students to show individual initiative in teaching and research. Teaching seldom ends in the classroom; it is enhanced by lab work, projects, study of real world cases and research. We strongly support student research in all levels. This way our students gain knowledge, critical-thinking skills as well as hands on practice.

Teaching is closely related to research, which is the only way to create original knowledge in basic sciences, technology and applications. It is through applications and projects that we share our knowledge with society.

We emphasize interdisciplinary work to cope with the fact that today's problems are often too complex to be confined within the limits of a single discipline. Under ''research'', you will notice strong collaboration and teamwork involving several disciplines and including many undergraduate and graduate students.

Our particular administrative structure is designed to support interdisciplinary teaching and research. While you travel through the website you will not find ''departments'' but often encounter programs. Programs refer to degree programs both undergraduate and graduate. Listed under programs you will find people, this is just a flexible collection of people whose research interests include questions related to that particular area. Some names appear in several lists, reflecting their range of interests.

We believe in collaboration, both local and international. We have an excellent track record of joint projects with other institutions. This is true also in teaching; international education and experience are vital. Interest among our students to study one or more semesters abroad at one of our partner universities is increasing and is strongly supported. Students and Postgraduate fellows are a critical part of our research. We urge our Ph.D. students to spend at least one research semester in a respectable institution.

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