MFG Seminar: Digital Machining02-01-2020

Speaker: Erdem Ozturk, AMRC, University of Sheffield

Title:  Distributionally Robust Auction Design

Date/Time: January 2, 2020  /  14.40-15.30

Place: FENS G029

Abstract: In high value manufacturing industries such as aerospace, there is a need for increased productivity due to increasing demands. Digital machining is a tool that can be used to increase both productivity and quality of the machining processes. In this seminar, digital machining concept will be introduced. Drivers for this technology will presented. Current status of digital machining at AMRC will be shown in two categories, namely offline and online solutions. Finally, the seminar will highlight the next steps in the field.

Bio:  Erdem Ozturk is the Senior Technical Fellow leading the digital machining theme at AMRC. The main body of work involves development of process models and integration of these models with measurements from machines. He got his PhD degree from Sabanci University in 2010. He founded the Machining Dynamics team at AMRC and led the growth of the capabilities and skills of the team until May 2019. Since then, he has been leading the Digital Machining theme formed by three teams, namely, Machining Dynamics, Process Modeling and Process Monitoring and Control. He has lead a diverse portfolio of projects funded by H2020, Innovate UK, Catapult and companies. He is an Associate  member of CIRP (The International Academy For Production Engineering).  

Contact: Emre Erdem