MATH SEMINAR:A survey on some new results in linear dynamics07-05-2021

Speaker: Mohammad Ansari

Title: A survey on some new results in linear dynamics

Date/Time: 11 May 2021 / 17:00 - 18:00

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Passcode: 345119 



Abstract: ​​Recently, the notions of strong topological transitivity, strong hyper- cyclicity, strong supercyclicity, supermixing, and hypermixing have been introduced and investigated for continuous linear operators on topological vector spaces. In this talk, the relevant obtained results are presented after giving a general introduction to the theory of linear dynamics. Also, possible research paths for the future are discussed.

Bio: Mohammad Ansari has been a faculty member at Azad university of Gachsaran since 2002. He got his Ph.D. degree at Shiraz university in 2016.
Mohammad Ansari has introduced and investigated several new notions in linear dynamics: strong topological transitivity, strong hypercyclicity, strong
supercyclicity, supermixing, and hypermixing. He is about to complete a manuscript in which the mentioned notions are investigated in nonlinear
setting as well.