MATH Seminar: Holomorphic Extension of Mappings between Hypersurfaces...04-02-2020

Speaker: Özcan Yazıcı, ODTÜ

Title:  Holomorphic Extension of Mappings between Hypersurfaces and Finite Type Points

Date/Time: 5 February, 2020  /  13.00-14.00

Place: FENS L063

Abstract: Let F : M → M0 be a mapping between two hypersurfaces which is analytic on one side of M. When M and M0 are of the same dimension with some non-degeneracy properties, it is well known that any such mapping F extends holomorphically to the other side of the hypersurface M. When M and M0 have dierent dimensions, a very little is known about the holomorphic extension of such mappings. In this talk, we will review some well known results and mention some recent results about these problems. We will also talk about a geometric invariant, type of a point, which is central in subelliptic estimates for  ̄∂−Neumann problem.


Contact: Michel Lavrauw