SEMINAR: Asymptotic geometry and topology of random real...08-12-2020

Speaker: Turgay Bayraktar

Title:  Asymptotic geometry and topology of random real algebraic hypersurfaces

Date/Time: 9  December 2020/ 13:40- 14:30

Zoom: Meeting ID 940 2131 8540

Passcode: Algebra

Abstract:By random real algebraic hypersurface in RPm we mean the zero variety of arandom homogenous polynomial in m + 1 variables. The main theme of the talk is the statistics of the geometric (eg. volume) and topological (eg. number of connected components) features of random real algebraic hypersurfaces in RPm. I will report on some recent results and their generalizations.

Bio:Dr. Bayraktar is an Associate Professor at Sabanci University, Mathematics program. He received his BS & MSc degrees from Mathematics Department of Middle East Technical University and his PhD from Indiana University in 2012. Following his graduate studies he held postdoctoral positions at Johns Hopkins University, Indiana University and Syracuse University. He joint Sabanci University as a faculty member in 2017. His research is focusing on Complex Analysis, Dynamics and Geometry. Among other honors, he has recently received BAGEP, TUBA-GEBIP and İkeda Research Awards.