SEMINAR:Reliability based assessment of wind power systems14-12-2020

Speaker: Serkan Eryılmaz

Title: Reliability based assessment of wind power systems

Date/Time: 16  December 2020/ 13:40- 14:30

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Abstract: Reliability of a wind power system, in a general sense, is a measure of the ability of the system to generate and supply electrical energy. In the context of power systems, reliability has two main aspects: system adequacy aspect and system security aspect. The former is concerned with the existence of sufficient facilities within the system to satisfy the load demand while the latter one is the ability of the system to respond to the disturbances arising within the system. That is, the security aspect is related to the mechanical failure/operation of the system’s components, i.e. wind turbines for the wind power system. A good reliability index should consider both aspects. In this talk, reliability based evaluation of a wind power system consisting of a specified number of wind turbines will be presented. The use of probabilistic techniques will be mentioned in particular problem setups including optimal wind turbine selection and computation of reliability indices such as Expected Energy not Supplied and Energy Index of Reliability.

Bio: Eryilmaz completed his Ph.D. at Ankara University in 2002. He is currently working as a professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Atilim University. He has been a visiting scholar at Manitoba University (Canada) and Durham University (UK). He is the present co-chair of the System Reliability Technical Committee of the European Safety and Reliability Association. He currently serves as a member of the Editoral Board of Reliability Engineering and System Safety and an Area Editor of the IISE Transactions-Quality & Reliability Engineering. His research interests include reliability engineering, applied probability, stochastic modeling and renewable energy systems. He was honored by TUBITAK Science Incentive Award due to his highly qualified studies on system reliability in the field of stochastic models/processes in operations research.