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SEMINAR:Chiral anomaly in superconductors

Speaker: Michał Jan Pacholski,

Title:  Chiral anomaly in superconductors

Date/Time:  20 October 2021 / 13:40 - 14:30 PM

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Passcode: 438209

Abstract:  The chiral anomaly is a phenomenon wherein a combination of electric and magnetic fields results in particles appearing out of nothing - in a violation of the particle conservation principle. One of the consequences of this paradoxical behaviour is the chiral magnetic effect, manifested by the presence of an electric current in equilibrium. This effect cannot be observed in normal metals, as the electric current dissipates there quickly. In the superconductors, however, there is no such limitation. I will discuss how the properties of a superconductor can be used to access the chiral magnetic effect, and the new challenges that come along the way.