Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship evaluations for the candidates are made during the acceptance of their SU program. Graduate scholarship recipients are proposed by the Admission Jury based on students' academic history, then evaluated by the related Graduate School Administrative Board, and finally confirmed by the President of the University. Continuation of the scholarship depends on the decision of Faculty according to GPA.

2015-2016 Academic Year Graduate Scholarships

Students accepted to SU master or doctorate programs can be offered one of the scholarships below. (IT and EMBA are non-scholarship programs)


It covers full tuition fee exemption, monthly net stipend and dormitory support for the declared period below.

Monthly stipend payment and dormitory support:


Monthly stipend payment and dormitory


1,700 TL/10 months + Dormitory (room for double)(**) for 10 months

PhD (*)

2,000 TL/12 months + Dormitory (with in the bounds of possibility single room, if occupied, room for double) for 12 months

Students, who have dormitory support but not prefer to use this support, will be given an amount of campus services twice in a day for the weeks days and this amount will be charged to student ID cards as transportation support.

(*) After passing the Doctoral Qualifying Exam, the monthly stipend might increase to 2,200 TL.

(**) Dormitory support covers staying rooms for double. (If students want to stay in single rooms, they should pay the difference at the beginning of the semester.)

Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship

One of the scholarships below can be offered :

  • Full tuition fee exemption
  • 2/3 tuition fee exemption
  • 1/2 tuition fee exemption
  • 1/4 tuition fee exemption

Full Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarship And Dormitory Scholarship
Tubitak Bideb Scholarship
Project Scholarship
Yousef Jameel Scholarship
Other Scholarships