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Fires And Explosions

Students and all other unauthorized people should never fight the fire under any circumstances. Activate the alarm system (or call 7555) and evacuate the building by neasrest emergency stairs. If there is smoke in the air stay low to the ground to reduce inhalation exposure. Go to the Emergency Assembly Area and await further instructions from emergency personnel.

When you hear the fire/emergency alarm, evacuate the building by the nearest stairs. Do not use elevators. Always leave the building when you hear the alarm, even if you think it may be a false alarm or result of a test.

If a person’s hair or clothing is on fire, smother the flames with a coat or by having the person roll on the floor. Assist the victim to medical treatment. Assist others to evacuate as needed. Remain at a location known to the on-scene emergency responders to provide any details they may need.

Report all fires and explosions immediately. Even if the fire was small, contained and readily extinguished by laboratory users, and you did not call 7555, immediately report the incident to the LS/LSS on the main campus at 7555.

If you are uncertain about calling 7555, the best course of action is to call LS/LSS and let the dispatch operator assist in deciding a proper response.

Submit an accident report on LS/LSS.

References and sources for information from the relevant websites and documentation of different universities, NGOs and government agencies used in the preparation of this website are provided at references.