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Laboratory Floods

If your laboratory is affected by flooding:

  • Find the source of the water. If safe, shut the water off.
  • If it is safe to shut down any equipment that could cause a dangerous electrical situation during a flood and use plastic film for covering equipment and desks if water or sewage is dripping onto them.
  • Get help quickly. During work hours, contact your LS. Notify the users, responsible faculty member in charge of the flooding laboratory as soon as possible. He/she will assume responsibility as soon as he/she arrives.
  • If foreign materials such as sewage, ceiling tiles, or leaking chemicals have contaminated the flood water, the situation should be assessed by hazardous material staff who can be contacted through Operation and Technical Services. The best method to clean up uncontaminated water is by using one water vacuum on the scene of the flood and another on the affected area below.
  • After the cleanup, submit an accident report on LS/LSS.


For other emergencies (such as Criminal Emergency) see SU Emergency Procedures Plandocument.