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As a general definition, lab usage is defined a privilege that can be suspended or revoked at any time if established procedures and practices are not followed. The aims of these procedures in place are particularly designed to protect the users of lab and their equipment, and therefore it is in the best interest of each user to follow them.

In Microelectronic Laboratory cleanroom (MEL), you must complete the following procedure in order to get an approved.

  • Carefully read the information package which can be received from the LS.
  • Make a proper arrangement with the MEL Lab Specialist to take a safety tour of MEL.
  • MEL safety exam should be successfully passed by demonstrating the basic knowledge about safety and location of safety-related equipment in MEL. It is possible to take this test at your convenience any time after the safety tour. 

In order to facilitate safe and efficient operation of the cleanroom, each user must be officially qualified before he/she will be allowed to enter the lab. Qualification requires the awareness of the health and physical/chemical hazards present in the lab, knowledge of safe practices, and adherence to cleanroom conduct guidelines (including gowning). 

The next step after becoming an approved lab user is to be trained about the operation of equipment that is necessary for completion of your project. The training program has been offered by MEL in order to promote a safe and effective use of the cleanroom equipment. Please carefully review your need about process with the Responsible Faculty Member and LS to determine whether this training process meets for your fabrication needs or not. In a mutually convenient time of staff and trainee, the time of training sessions are to be scheduled; please recognize and respect the staff member’s need to get other work done.

As a new operator, it is expected from you to learn the machine’s routine operation and its hazards. This will involve primarily in-lab training and some out-of-lab reading. After training session, it is your responsibility to demonstrate the staff that you can operate the machine properly. After demonstration of necessary knowledge and skills about equipment and the staff member is sure that you are qualified to run the equipment, your name will be added to the “Approved Operators” list maintained by the LS.

Equipment in cleanroom is under MEL LS’s responsibility. LS is responsible for training of new operators, performing routine and emergency maintenance tasks, and monitoring process data for quality control and reproducibility (e.g., deposition rate, sheet resistance, film thickness). All users are required to fill out process logbooks and make the process parameters of his/her experiments available to cleanroom staff. If there’s a deviation from standard operation of a machine, LS should be communicated and informed as soon as possible. This system is designed to keep the machines in their best operating conditions and to track the process history.