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Chemical Purchasing

The chemical inventory should be searched and existing chemicals should be used prior to ordering any chemical. SU has an institutional subscription to the ChemWatch chemical inventory system that can help facilitate maintaining a chemical inventory.  Everybody in the laboratory is obliged to attend ChemWatch Training and use it. 

All purchased chemicals, with detailed specifications, amounts and placed location, must be reported to LS immediately upon arrival, so that they are registered to ChemWatch

Chemicals should be ordered in the smallest size possible that is necessary to carry out the experimental procedure. “Might be needed in the future” is an incorrect approach to order chemicals. Lab users should only order the amount they need.

There are several chemicals that require special approval to order. For those chemicals, please contact LS/LSS for further details. Note that building may restrict the amount of certain chemicals that can be stored in any room of the building. Further information can be obtained from  ChemWatch.