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Clean Room Evacuation Procedure

Cleanroom evacuation reasons are listed below. If one of the conditions listed takes place while you are working in the cleanroom, you should warn other people in the cleanroom so that they can evacuate and help precede the protocols. Reasons to evacuate cleanroom include:

  • Power loss: In this case, do not pull the fire alarm.
  • Fire: You should pull the fire alarm and hazard gas shut-off button.
  • Hazardous gas leak: In this case you should engage the hazard gas shut-off button.
  • Major chemical spill outside a chemical hood, such as breaking a chemical bottle
  • Unconscious lab user: You should notify other lab users.
  • Non gaseous chemical exposure 
  • Physical injury                
  • Medical emergency
  • Loss of fume hood exhaust


Please conduct the following procedure in case of an emergency event listed above:

  • Immediately stop what you are doing, aborting your process.
  • Quickly proceed to the closest emergency exit available. Do not run unless there is a life-threatening situation.
  • Engage the hazardous gas shut-off button while evacuating cleanroom. Trigger the fire alarm in case of fire.
  • Make sure that other people are evacuating cleanroom. If there are people not able to exit by her/his own, call security (7555) to help them. Do not lose time to remove cleanroom garments.
  • Once you are out of cleanroom, proceed to the first floor exit of FENS building. Call LSS and report them about the incident.
  • If they are not present in the event of evacuation, notify MEL LS.


It is not necessary to evacuate cleanroom in cases of:

  • Small chemical spill inside a hood
  • Inert gas leak