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Cleanroom Conduct-Wafer Handling And Storage

  • Vacuum pens or wafer tweezers are used to handle wafers.
  • If applicable, “dump” transfers are done from-cassette-to-cassette.
  • “In process” wafers can be stored by sealing and labelling. Keep them either in storage bins or in a dry-box.
  • Conduct appropriate labelling, i.e. your name, PI’s name, run name/number, date started, your phone number. Note that unlabelled wafers are subject to discard.
  • Broken wafers in the container can be discarded. You may consult LS for disposal procedure. Wafers or any part of them are not discarded in common waste. Note that this violates Sabancı University FENS standards and may result in injury of you or others.
  • Never touch wafers with hand or using tweezers.
  • Never conduct your process with a broken or partially broken wafer*.
  • Do not breathe on wafers.


* Permission of LS is required for processing partial wafers. Before starting a process with a partial wafer or with wafer different than the standard sizes (smaller or larger than 100 mm (4”)) you should ask and receive approval. Please be aware that resources of MEL are limited assisting such fabrications and processing.