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Disposal And Spill Clean-Up

Spills and Broken Glass

Glass is fragile and breaks easily.  Care should be taken to reduce the risks of health when a glass breaks.

  • If something is falling, let it drop!  Trying to catch it may result in glassware to be broken in your hand.
  • While handling broken glass, wear cut-resistant gloves whenever possible.  Disposal nitrile or latex gloves should never be worn.  Glass will cut through those gloves.
  • When cleaning broken glass, use mechanical means to pick up the pieces.
  • Do not pick up broken glass with bare hand. Use tongs, tweezers, or forceps to collect broken glass pieces.



Proper disposal of broken glass ensures safety of others. In case of dealing with contaminated broken glass:

  • Collect broken glass in a rigid, puncture-resistant container (e.g. sharps container).
  • Place biologically contaminated broken glass in a closed and sealed container and put in biohazardous waste box for disposal.
  • Place chemically contaminated broken glass in a closed and sealed containers.
  • Dispose uncontaminated broken glass of in a broken glass box or uncontaminated waste box.

For more information please see Waste Management section.


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