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Inspecting Glassware Before Use

Glassware is designed for a specific purpose.  It ought to just be utilized for that reason. "Makeshift" device might be flimsy and could prompt mishaps and wounds.

While selecting glassware, decide the compatibility of the glass with the chemicals or procedure.  Several chemicals react with glass or cause harm (etch) glass.  On the off chance that your procedure includes temperature or pressure changes, make sure the glassware can withstand the progressions.

Volatile materials expand upon heating and result in explosion.  An exothermic reaction takes place upon mixing sulfuric acid with water inside a barrel, bringing about the heat from the reaction to break the base of the vessel.  Do not mix sulfuric acid inside a cylinder.

Hydrofluoric acid, hot phosphoric acid and strong hot alkalis attack and etch glassware.  Do not use glass to carry out these processes.

Inspecting Glassware Before Use

Before working with glassware, dependably review it for imperfections. In the event that defects are found, glass ought to be expelled from administration. Scratches in glass can develop to cracks with time. Discard imperfect glassware if repairing is impractical.