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Safety Data Sheets For Infectious Substances

Safety data sheets (SDS), for chemical products have been available to lab users for many years. However because many laboratory users, whether in research, public health, teaching, etc., are exposed to not only chemicals but infectious substances as well, there was a large gap in the readily available safety literature for lab members. These SDS are produced for personnel working in the life sciences as quick safety reference material relating to infectious micro-organisms. Sabanci University employs ChemWatch software for SDS reference documents generation.

The SDS are organized to contain health hazard information such as infectious dose, viability (including decontamination), medical information, laboratory hazard, recommended precautions, handling information and spill procedures. The intent of these documents is to provide a safety resource for laboratory users working with these infectious substances. Because these users are usually working in a scientific setting and are potentially exposed to much higher concentrations of these human pathogens than the general public, the terminology in these SDS is technical and detailed, containing information that is relevant specifically to the laboratory setting. It is hoped along with good laboratory practices, these SDS will help provide a safer, healthier environment for everyone