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Emre Özlü
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Visiting Faculty Member
(216) 483 9000 / 3708

Visiting Faculty Member


09/2004-06/2008 Sabanci University, Industrial Engineering Ph.D. Program 10/2001-07/2003 Istanbul Technical University Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Master Degree Program 10/1997-07/2001 Istanbul Technical University, Mechanical Engineering (Design and Manufacturing Division)

Areas of Interest

•Digitalization in Manufacturing Processes •Digitalization of Manufacturing Environment •Metal Cutting Mechanics and Dynamics •High Strain Rate Deformation of Metals •CAE, CAD/CAM

Working Paper / Technical Report
  • Özlü E., Ebrahimi A., Budak E., 2020, Broaching Tool Design Through Force Modelling and Process Simulation, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology, Vol 69/1, 53-56.
  • Berenji K.R., Karagüzel U., Özlü E., Budak E., 2019, Effects of turn-milling conditions on chip formation and surface finish, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology, 68/1, 113-116.
  • Cakir E., Ozlu E., Bakkal M., Budak E., 2018, Investigation of temperature distribution in orthogonal cutting through dual-zone contact model on the rake face, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 96, 81-89.
  • Budak E., Ozlu E., Bakioglu H., Barzegar, Z., 2016, Thermo-mechanical Modeling of the Third Deformation Zone in Machining for Prediction of Cutting Forces, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology, 65/1, 121-124.