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Ph.D. Qualifying Written Exam Regulations

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A student who wishes to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences has to pass a written Ph.D. Qualifying Exam. This instruction letter specifies the rules and regulations of the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam.


This instruction letter contains information regarding the general rules of the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam for Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Ph.D. Qualifying Examination rules apply to all Ph.D. students.


Ph.D. Qualifying exam evaluates the necessary background required for a Ph.D. candidate and ensures that the Ph.D. candidates are capable of pursuing their Ph.D. degree at Sabancı University.


a)       Students admitted with a bachelor’s degree must enter the qualifying exam until the end of their 7th semester. Students admitted with a master’s degree must enter the qualifying exam until the end of their 5th semester. Summer semesters are not included in these counts.

b)       Ph.D. students must complete their course requirements (including seminar) in order to be able to take qualifying exams.

c)       To pass the qualifying exam, the student must obtain a passing grade in written exams in the number of subject areas required by their program. In addition, the student must pass an oral exam, which supplements the written exams in testing their qualification and which follows the successful completion of all written exams.

d)      The pool of subject areas and related requirements are specified by respective programs at . Ph.D. students may take subject exams from other programs, subject to the rules of their program. A Ph.D. student must pass all written exams and the oral exam in at most two consecutive semesters. Otherwise, the student is dismissed. from the program.

e)       The number of subject areas they choose should be equal to the number of subject areas they have to pass according to their program requirements. They are not allowed to take more exams than required. If they take less than the required number of exams, they will be considered as unsuccessful from as many subject areas as they have not chosen.

f)       When they fail an exam in a semester, they have to take the exam from the same subject area next semester. They cannot change their subject area for the failed exams.

g)      The written exams are administered after the ‘Last Day for Grades Submission’. The program coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the tasks for both the written and oral qualifying exams are completed in a timely manner for each program.

h)      Ph.D.students determine the exams that they will take and they are required to apply from Road Map, choosing the exams to be attempted in that exam offering, one month before the written exams.

i)        The exam committee is composed of five faculty members including the thesis supervisor at at least two members from other universities. The academic titles of the members should be known.

j)        The final decision is submitted to the Graduate Office by a written report.

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Instruction Letter for Sabancı University Graduate Programs