November 2020



It is my pleasure to welcome you to the FENS newsletter. It is an important component of our vision for fostering effective flow of information within our faculty. Periodically issued (at least four times a year), the newsletter will share recent developments such as our achievements, new projects, other various activities and happy news from our members. To a large extent, we rely on you as a source of information as we collect them with help from you. 

I will also share interesting pieces for reading, which you may find useful and/or inspirational. You can feel free to stop by my office to discuss them or to propose new pieces for the next issue.

 I would like to bring to your attention our new periodic activity: "Coffee with the Dean". I will buy coffee for several of our members every time and discuss any issue of your choice. 

On the threshold of a completely new world, tremendous hardship as well as plethora of opportunities await us. Embedded in our university culture is our vision of "creating and developing together", being interdisciplinary and always innovative, which equip us with whatever it takes to assume a pioneering role in this new era, as well

To further our claim, we look forward to creating unprecedented synergy among all our faculties, centers and departments by effective communication. This newsletter aspires to be instrumental to this end.

With gratitude,

Erkay Savaş
Dean and Professor 

*Projects, news, achievements, seminars and conferences mentioned in this newsletter are from the time interval between June 1st-October 30th


Many new projects have started at FENS lately by our esteemed members. I would like to extend my congratulations to them for their inspiring work!

H2020: Bekir Bediz, Ogün Adebali, Öznur Taştan, Kamer Kaya  

H2020/ M-ERANET: Selmiye Alkan Gürsel    

TÜBİTAK: Bekir Bediz, Berrin Yanıkoğlu, Burak Kocuk, Erhan Budak,  Gizem Özbaygın, Güvenç Şahin, Kemal Kılıç, Özgür Gürbüz, Turgay Bayraktar

TÜBİTAK – MID Uzbekistan Joint Project: Nihat Gökhan Göğüş, Turgay Bayraktar  

ASELSAN: Bülent Çatay, Tuğçe Yüksel    

TUSEB: Ogün Adebali, Öznur Taştan


Congratulations on many achievements our Faculty accomplished recently!

Albert Levi, Özgür Gürbüz, Ali Koşar has been selected as Editorial Board Members for various prestigious journals whereas Kemalettin Erbatur has been appointed as a member of TUBITAK-MAG Advisory Board

Ali Koşar will serve as an Internal Editor in Applied Thermal Engineering for Special issue and as a Guest Editor in in Biosensors for Special issue, Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering for Special Issue and in Applied Nanoscience for Special Issue. He also joins the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Thermodynamics.   

Canan Atılgan is selected to be Biophysical Society Ambassador for Turkey.

Cemal Yılmaz was awarded Amazon AWS Research Gift.  

Özge Akbulut’s project is shortlisted for Newton Fund Chair’s Prize.

Selmiye Alkan Gürsel received TÜBİTAK Network Membership Support.

Volkan Patoğlu received Distinguished Service Award as an Outstanding Associate Editor for the IEEE RA-L.


We all know how hard organizing a scholarly event can be.
Thank you all for the noble work of bringing scholars together and contributing to the dissemination of knowledge!

Albert Levi gave a talk at Turkish National Software Engineering Symposium whereas Cemal Yılmaz was a Track Chair.

Canan Atılgan and Ali Rana Atılgan organized Biophysical Society Networking Event.  

Emrah Kalemci gave a talk at MSCA ITN Sharing Experiences Event.  

Esra Erdem was an invited speaker at the ICLP 2020. She was also a Program Co-Chair at KR 2020.

Öznur Taştan and Ogün Adebali acted as a Conference Co-Chair at the HIBIT 2020.  Öznur Taştan also gave a talk at Science Academy at Bilkent.  

Öznur Taştan, Berrin Yanıkoğlu, Reyyan Yeniterzi, İnanç Arın organized the VBYO-2020 Data Science Summer School.


Nothing makes us more proud than hearing our graduate students' accomplishments. We thank you all for your hard work!  

Ali Hosseipor Shafagi’s article is the Most Accessed Article in MPDI Fluids Journal.  

Aysu Boğatarkan and Müge Fidan won first place at the 27th LP/CP programming contest.

Hossein Rajabniat's article is in the top 25 most downloaded article list in the International Journal of Thermal Engineering.  

Moein Talebian Gevari's article is in the top 25 most downloaded article list in Applied Thermal Engineering.  

Momina Rizwan won the Best Application Paper Award at the 36th International Conference on Logic Programming.  

Taha Atahan Akyıldız and Amro Fida Alabsi Aljundi got Best Paper Nomination at ICPP '20: 49th International Conference on Parallel Proc.

Yasin Tepeli won 3rd Best Poster Award at HIBIT 2020.


In our most recent FENS Faculty Meeting convened in September, we had a chance to exchange our vision and plans for teaching and research in the 2020-21 Academic year, with all the struggles and novelties it brings to the table. 

We also had the first Faculty Lounge Meeting of Fall 2020 on November 12th. Many thanks to Cavit Ağca and Onur Varol for inspiring us with their thought-provoking talks. 

Also, a big thank you to the members of FENSemble, Erhan Budak, Hüsnü Yenigün, İbrahim Tekin and Sinan Yıldırım, for their lovely music at the end. 

We will surely request more musical performances from them for our future meetings. Stay tuned... 


We are filled with joy to welcome the newest additions to our big family.

Tuğçe Yüksel Bediz and Bekir Bediz welcomed their baby Barış in March 2020.

Christopher Mayack's baby Eli Talaykar was born in April 2020.

Esra Koca had a baby girl named Elif Gulru in August 2020. 

Gizem Özbaygın had a baby girl named İnci Meriç in September 2020.




Applications of Engineering in Medicine and Biology” Seminar series. Please click here to register.  

December 2nd, 2020: Mehmet Toner, “EXTREME MICROFLUIDICS” Label-Free Sorting of Extremely Rare Circulating Tumor Cells and Clusters; December 16th, 2020: Daniel Irimia, Chain Reactions in Immunology

A Nonlinear Optics Primer” lecture series will be held by Professor Mete Atatüre, Sabancı University Distinguished Research Fellow. The series will take place between November 16th and December 2nd, 2020.

Coffee Talk with the Dean will be organized every month. Do not miss your chance to get your coffee!

We are looking forward to our highlight event, Sharing Experiences series. First installment of the series in Fall 2020 will feature Kamer Kaya, Erhan Budak and İsmail Çakmak. Stay tuned for more details…


TÜBİTAK: SEA-EU JFS 2020 Science and Technology Call (International Application),
DUE: December 15, 2020

TÜBİTAK: SEA-EU JFS 2020 Science and Technology Call (National Application),
DUE: December 22, 2020

TÜBİTAK (2531): Call for Applications for German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), 
DUE: December 21, 2020

TÜBİTAK (2535): Call for Bilateral Program with Iranian Science (MSRT), Ministry of Science, Research and Technology,
DUE: December 22, 2020

TÜBİTAK (ERA-NET): EuroNanoMed (First Phase), 
DUE: January 21, 2021

TÜBİTAK (ERA-NET): Era-Net BioEnergy (First Phase), 
DUE: January 26, 2021

EU (H2020): Green Deal Calls, 
DUE: January 26, 2021

TÜBİTAK (2522): Call for Bilateral Program with Hungarian Office of Research and Technology (NRDIO), 
DUE: February 2, 2021 

DUE: April 30, 2021


Road Map to Quantum Computers

The Rise of Social Bots, co-authored by Onur Varol

Molecular Biology of SARS-CoV-2,  co-authored by Sofia Piepoli, Aylin Bircan, Ogün Adebali and Batu Erman


Advice for Faculty Members in a Turbulent Time

Emrah Kalemci’s popular science article about 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Energy's Future - Battery and Storage Technologies