Information for IE students about required courses and new prerequisites26-08-2019

1. The new required course IE311, IE312 and IE313 are in effect for students with entry year 2017-2018 and later.
2. IE Students with earlier entry dates,
- register for IE311 instead of IE301;
- have to take IE302 which will be offered for the last time in Fall 2019-2020;
- will take IE313 instead of IE302 starting from Spring 2019-2020 if they cannot take IE302 now due to unsatisfied prerequisites or cannot get a passing grade by the end this coming Fall semester.
Please, check this earlier announcement on this matter.
3. The prerequisite for IE313 (to be offered for the first time in Spring 2019-2020) is IE305. Independent of the entry year of the student, this prerequisite requirement shall not be waived even if the student is taking it instead of IE302.
4. Prerequisites for ENS208 have been updated as IF100 and MATH102; these requirements are not to be waived.