Announcement about PROJ 302 Internship Course06-10-2020

FENS students who

- fail the course, or

- had enrolled in the course in Summer 2020 but later withdrawn

will be allowed to take the course again in the Fall or Spring semesters while taking courses. Eligible students who would like to take the course this Fall can apply by filling out a petition at this link.

For the Fall semester, the last day to complete the internship is February 13th, 2021. Students must complete their internships in the same semester they begin. They cannot use both semesters.

The duration of the internship must be at least 40 days.

Counting the days in a week in the Fall term:

Between October 5th, 2020 and  January 21st, 2021, the number of days in a week that the student can count towards the internship is calculated as

6 – (student's ECTS credit in the semester / 6)

with rounding to the nearest integer (.5 or above rounded up, lower than .5 rounded down).  For example, a student with an ECTS load of 16 credits can count 3 days in a week during this period  (students ECTS credits do not include PROJ 302 ECTS credits).

Between January 22nd, 2021 and February 13th, 2021, all weekdays and Saturdays will be counted.

Holidays are always excluded.

Further information will be given in the guideline documents, which will be available on the Online Management System of PROJ 302.

Detailed calendar for the Spring term (for start&end dates and day counts) will be announced prior to that semester.