Energy Technologies and Management - Professional Master's Program

Energy as a strategic subject…

Energy security has a strategic importance in the global economy. Renewable, sustainable, reliable, safe, efficient and smart solutions to energy production and distribution play a major role in development and affluence of nations. Linking with public, environmental, industrial, and international policies, energy administration requires a strong knowledge background in multiple disciplines.

Human resources

Demand for educated professionals in energy technologies and management is ever increasing with the growth of the energy sector and investments globally and nationally. Executives in the energy sector need continuing education and following the latest developments in energy technologies, resources and national and international policies and regulations.

The scope

The program is designed to provide for the participants and the energy sector on the fundamental principles:

  • Educate the professionals with the multi-disciplinary approach and the content that provide for the exigencies of the energy sector.
  • Evelopment of hands-on-skills by discussion style lectures delivered by high level executives  of the energy sector.
  • Nurturing projects-based environment for students to promote interactions between the industry and the academia