MAT Seminar: Impact Performance Evaluation and Dynamic Properties of ...16-05-2018

Speaker: Murat Büyük

Title: Impact Performance Evaluation and Dynamic Properties of Composite Materials

Date/Time: May 16, 2018  /  13:40-14:30

Place: SUNUM G111


Abstract: Dynamic properties of composite materials are significantly different and requires extensive testing and characterization campaigns. Moreover, numerical modeling of the dynamic behavior of composite materials requires advanced numerical techniques and state-of-the-arts modeling approaches. These are particularly important in defense, aerospace, and automotive applications due to strict rules and regulations. This seminar will introduce testing, design and numerical modeling strategies for time dependent phenomenon for composite materials. Special topics will be covered related to standard testing and characterization of composite material properties including high strain rate deformation and failure properties. Several different ductile/brittle failure and damage criterion will be discussed. Advanced numerical modeling and simulation capabilities will be introduced to predict dynamic characteristics of composite materials.

Bio: Dr. Murat BUYUK holds a Ph.D. degree from The George Washington University. He worked as a research scientist at the National Crash Analysis Center (NCAC) and directed several research projects funded by NASA, FAA, NHTSA and FHWA. He received his B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yıldız Technical University and his M.Sc. degree in Design and Manufacturing Engineering from Gebze Institute of Technology. Dr. Buyuk worked as the Project Coordinator of the Automotive Test Center Project for Turkish Standards Organisation (TSE). He then joined Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) as the Chief of Design and Research on the crashworhiness of Indigenous Helicopter Project. He joined Sabancı University in 2017 as a Research Faculty at Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Research and Application Center (SU-IMC). Dr. Buyuk’s research interests are: computational and experimental mechanics, dynamic behavior of materials, material modeling and characterization, numerical modeling of structures under shock and impact loading, transportation safety and security, structural impact and crashworthiness, design and optimization.

Contact: Selmiye Alkan Gürsel