MSc. Thesis Defense:Ömer Faruk Sapmaz11-07-2019



Ömer Faruk Sapmaz
Manufacturing Engineering, MSc. Thesis, 2019


Thesis Jury

Asst. Prof. Dr Lütfi Taner Tunç(Thesis Advisor), Prof. Dr  Erhan Budak,

 Asst. Prof Dr Umut Karagüzel



Date & Time:July 12th, 2019 –  10:00 AM

Place: KTMM

Keywords : Tool axis optimization, Workpiece positioning, Robotic Milling




Robotic milling is proposed to be one of the alternatives to respond the demand for flexible and cost-effective manufacturing systems. Serial arm robots offering 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) motion capability which are utilized for robotic 5-axis milling purposes, exhibits several issues such as low accuracy, low structural rigidity and kinematic singularities etc. In 5-axis milling, the tool axis selection and workpiece positioning are still a challenge, where only geometrical issues are considered at the computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) packages. The inverse kinematic solution of the robot i.e. positions and motion of the axes, strictly depends on the workpiece location with respect to the robot base. Therefore, workpiece placement is crucial for improved robotic milling applications. In this thesis, an approach is proposed to select the tool axis for robotic milling along an already generated 5-axis milling tool path, where the robot kinematics are considered to eliminate or decrease excessive axis rotations. The proposed approach is demonstrated through simulations and benefits are discussed. Also, the effect of workpiece positioning in robotic milling is investigated considering the robot kinematics. The investigation criterion is selected as the movement of the robot axes. It is aimed to minimize the total movement of either all axes or selected the axis responsible of the most accuracy errors. Kinematic simulations are performed on a representative milling tool path and results are discussed.