Mühendisliğin Biyolojide ve Tıpta Uygulamaları seminer serisi30-09-2020

The “Applications of Engineering in Medicine and Biology” Seminar series

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences is pleased to announce the Applications of Engineering in Medicine and Biology seminar series in Fall 2020-2021.


Presented by the leading scientists who are world-renowned experts in their fields, the Applications of Engineering in Medicine and Biology seminars will provide a recent overview on the most innovative and effective applications of basic science and engineering in research areas such as regenerative medicine, implants, cancer diagnosis, and immunology.  


The Applications of Engineering in Medicine and Biology seminar series 2020-2021 Fall Program is as below: 

7 October 2020 – BAŞAK UYGUN – Engineering Organ Substitutes for Transplantation


21 October 2020 – JOHN BISCHOF – Nanowarming for Regenerative Medicine


4 November 2020 – GUILLERMO AGUILAR – From Laser Dermatology to the Development of a Transparent Cranial Implant


18 November 2020 – EBRU ORAL – Engineering Joint Implants for in vivo Longevity and Antibacterial Treatment

2 December 2020 – MEHMET TONER – “EXTREME MICROFLUIDICS” Label-Free Sorting of Extremely Rare Circulating Tumor Cells and Clusters


16 December 2020 – DANIEL IRIMIA – Chain Reactions in Immunology


6 January 2021 – ALİ KOŞAR –  Medicine and Biology Applications of Microscale Phase Change Phenomena 


20 January 2021 – BERK USTA – From Micro-Tissue Engineering to Deep Supercooled Biopreservation