SEMINAR:Vision at a glance: the integration processes...05-04-2021

Speaker: Nihan Alp

Title:Vision at a glance: the integration processes as a prerequisite of a properly functioning brain and the necessity of an interdisciplinary approach

Date/Time: 8 April 2021 / 18:30 - 19:30

Zoom: Meeting ID:https://sabanciuniv.zoom.us/j/99140679713

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Abstract: The brain has to integrate information coming from different times and spaces into a structurally and temporally coherent whole to attribute meaning to an object and understand its functionality. This is not only vital within the same sensory modality (only in the visual system) or same hemisphere but also vital across different sensory modalities and hemispheres. Even if a tiny part of this process is damaged, the world becomes a disconcerting jumble of unconnected events. To pinpoint underlying neural correlates of this integration process, one needs to explicitly extract integration from other ongoing processes. In this talk, I will explain a scientific approach and studies that improve our understanding of underlying neural correlates of integration processes by addressing some of the techniques we borrow from engineering.

Bio: Nihan Alp holds a BA in psychology, an MSc in cognitive neuroscience, and a Ph.D. in psychology. Before joining Sabancı University, she has worked in various labs with the pioneers in the field. Her research interest lies in the midst of a low and high-level vision (grouping, figure-ground organization, depth, shape, and motion perception), but also stretching out to high-level vision (object recognition, social interaction). In addition to classical methodological approaches such as psychophysics and neuroimaging, she also uses the “frequency tagging technique” as a way of measuring integration processes.