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Illumination, Temperature And Noise Regulations

Having a properly lighted work area is essential to working safely.  A couple of key points to remember about proper lighting:

  • Lighting should be adequate for safe illumination of all work areas. TS EN 12464-1: 2013;  TS EN 12464-1.2011: 2012 standards apply here.
  • Light bulbs that are mounted low and susceptible to contact should be guarded.
  • If the risk of electrocution exists when changing light bulbs, switch the connected power source prior to changing the bulb.
  • For proper disposal of fluorescent bulbs (universal waste), please call LS or create an inquiry by calling 9988.
  • As an energy conservation measure, please remember to turn off your lights when you leave your lab.


The temperature conditions are established within thermal comfort of the users, in accordance with TS EN 27243 standard.


Exposure to excessive noise can permanently damage your hearing. The Noise at Work Regulations (TS 2607 ISO 1999 standard, Turkish Standards Institution, (2005). TS 2607 (ISO 1999). Acoustics-Determination of occupational noise exposure and estimation of noise-induced hearing impairment, Turkey.) Require that assessment of noise levels must be made by LSS wherever there is a noisy environment. In any cases of excessive noise, steps must be taken to reduce this at source. If this is not practicable, then ear protectionmust be made available to users, who must wear it in any prescribed areas of high noise level.

References and sources for information from the relevant websites and documentation of different universities, NGOs and government agencies used in the preparation of this website are provided at references.