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Access To Laboratories

Access to SU laboratories, workshops and other work areas housing hazardous materials or machinery is restricted to SU Faculty, staff, students, or other people on official business.

Necessary training is mandatory prior to laboratory access for all users. Access to laboratories is either through SU ID card or key system. Card activation is done for any particular laboratory through contact with LS. For all students, Responsible Faculty Member approval is required, apart from mandatory training. Laboratory keys can also be obtained from LS.

Visitors And Children In Labs

Non-lab members, particularly children under age of 16 are not allowed to access laboratories or other hazardous work places. Some exceptions to this rule are tours, open houses or university related business. LS and/or Responsible Faculty Member should authorize these instances. All children under age of 16 should be under supervision during lab visits.

Visiting Scientists And Other Similar Users

Some potential risks associated with visiting scientists and their usage of lab area and equipment includes: conflict of interest and intellectual property rights, physical injuries, and unwitting damage of property. Our faculty provides health and safety trainings to all lab users including visiting scientist prior to giving lab access to labs or equipment. Visiting scientists are asked to attend these trainings so that LS will provide lab/equipment access.

In case of a potential physical or health hazard incident, program chairperson, Responsible Faculty Member and LS are responsible of restriction of access of visitors or children to lab areas.

Pets in Labs

Pets are prohibited in laboratory facilities.