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Cleanroom Conduct-Contamination Control

  • Hair should always be inside the hood/mask.
  • Tacky mats in the entrance of cleanroom help decrease the dirt.
  • Gloves should be replaced if they are dirty.
  • Only pens and paper provided by cleanroom staff should be used.
  • Make sure that you leave your working space cleaner than you found.
  • Any material brought to cleanroom should be cleaned with isopropanol (IPA) and cleanroom wipe prior to enter cleanroom. There is IPA available at the entry terminal. Note that LS should approve any item intended to brought to cleanroom beforehand. An exception to this rule is wafer boxes and holders.
  • Gloves should be worn all the time. Do not touch anything without gloves.
  • Once you wear your gloves do not contaminate them by touching your skin, face or hair.
  • Do not bring paper or cardboard into the lab.
  • Do not transfer quartz-ware or Teflon-ware between equipment, particularly the thin film furnaces.
  • Do not deviate from your approved process sequence.

Teflon-ware can only be used in a designated hood. Teflon tanks or graduated cylinders cannot be transferred between hoods. Being aware of that the possibility of chemical contamination is low, LS attempts to minimize the risks arising from these kinds of occurrences. In addition, Teflon wafer boats for wet chemical processing should not be removed from their designated area. In other words, when you have successfully rinsed and dried following a chemical process, you should transfer the process wafers to your process box (usually a black process box) and then remove them from the fabrication medium.