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Contamination Control

  • Necessary clothing should be worn properly. See Protective Clothing section.
  • Gloves should be worn all the time including clean bench use, lithography experiments and loading/unloading reactors.
  • There are designated cleanroom papers available to make notes. Normal paper is only allowed in cleanroom if it is sealed in plastic. It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of wood, cardboard or packing materials.
  • Minimize the amount of items to take into cleanroom with you. Substrate boxes, syringes, ball pen or felt pen are allowed, but pencils are strictly forbidden.
  • While working with benches, keep your head outside.
  • Redundant clothes (jacket, jumper, etc.) and bags are not allowed in cleanroom. They should be kept in wardrobes at the entrance of cleanroom. Valuable items can also be stored in lockers.
  • Avoid any turbulence: Do not hurry; use minimal working area on a clean bench, but stay in the centre of the down flow.