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In case of a skin contact with cryogenic liquid, all the clothing that may restrict the blood circulation should be removed from affected area. Frozen area should never be rubbed as it may result in tissue damage. If practical, affected area should be placed in a water bath with temperature not exceeding 40 °C. Dry heaters should never be used for frostbite. Call Health Center (7666) as soon as possible. Frozen tissue is usually pain-free. Symptoms of freezing are a waxy appearance and a possible yellow color. Once it is thawed, it is prone to swelling, pain and infection. If thawing has started, cover the affected area with a sterile dressing and seek medical attendance. If the exposure is massive, victim’s clothes should be removed while showering with warm water. Call Health Center (7666) immediately. In case of eye exposure to cryogenics, warm the frostbite area immediately with water with temperature not exceeding 40 °C. Seek medical attention. Should the body temperature depressed, warm the victim slowly and gradually. Be aware of the shock risk upon hypothermia correction. Cardiac dysrhythmia may be associated with severe hypothermia.


Victims exposed to oxygen-deficient air should be immediately moved a normal atmosphere. Artificial respiration should be administrated if the victim does not inhale. If available, administer supplementary oxygen with respirator.