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Ordering New Equipment

Lab users should communicate with LS/LSS and Operational and Technical Services upon purchasing and installing large equipment, particularly those using faculty’s electric, water or gas services. It has to be made sure that faculty has sufficient sources to support this new piece of equipment. It should be noted faculty is not obliged to provide necessary infrastructure to install new purchased equipment. Lab users should communicate in advance with appropriate university units (such as Operational and Technical Services and LS/LSS) to determine and provide additional resources and potential issues so that building’s infrastructure is made ready for installation.

An example to this situation is the installation of fume hoods. As certain pieces of equipment such as fume hoods require special installation conditions and directly effects building ventilation system, lab users cannot decide alone and install these type of equipment with a third party contractor. They have to consult Operational and Technical Services and LS and LSS. Being proactive and consulting corresponding university units in advance is strongly encouraged.