Communications & Networks

Dr. Keskinoz and his students in The Communication Theory and Technologies (CTT) Group at Sabanci, conducts research on the following related topics.

  • Signal Processing and Coding for High Rate and Robust Wired and WirelesTechnologies such as ADSL, 3G , 4G, 802.11 g etc.
  • Distributed Information Fusion and Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Target Localization and Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Power allocation in Multi-Access Relay Networks
  • Development of Green Mobile Technologies for Wired and Wireless Communications
  • Network Coding


Mehmet Keskinöz
Mehmet Keskinöz
Mehmet Keskinöz

Communication Networks

His current interest is on building fundamental understanding of and developing enabling technologies for the upcoming Fifth Generation (5G) wireless networks. To this end, he is currently working on research topics such cache-aided wireless networks, energy efficient communications, energy harvesting systems, and information theoretical secrecy. His general area of interest is on communications networking and stochastic optimization.

Özgür Erçetin

Wireless Networks

Dr. Gürbüz’s research is on designing network algorithms and protocols for bandwidth and/or energy efficient wireless networking towards 5G systems. In this context, her research interests include, but not limited to:

  • Medium Access Control (MAC), resource allocation and routing
  • Cross layer design
  • Video delivery and Quality of Service
  • Cooperative communications and networking
  • Full duplex wireless communications and networking
  • Full duplex radio implementation


Özgür Gürbüz