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CS201 LA Application

Important Note: Due to work permits we only accept applications from Turkish Citizens.


We are looking for Learning Assistants (LAs) for CS201 (Introduction to Computing) for the upcoming Fall semester (Fall 2022-2023).


It is an opportunity for you to interact with the students who are learning to code in C++. If you've mastered it already, now it is time to help others to learn it. If you apply and get selected, your job description will be to carry out office hours and exam proctoring.

If you would like to apply for the part-time job of CS201 LAship in the Fall term, you should fill the form given below until 23:55 on October 2nd, Sunday.

Please note that we will select the LAs based on CS201 (and CS204/CS300 when applicable) letter grades, cumulative GPAs and previous LA experiences.

Note that doing an LAship shows responsibility and academic interest, and will thus strengthen your CV significantly.


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