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New FENS Courses (From 2022-2023 Spring Semester)

Dear students,

You can see the new courses of FENS below. Please find detailed on information courses at this link.

We wish happy and successful semester.


  • CS 414/ 514 (double coded) "Network Science" Onur Varol /Offered in Spring Term./CS GR: Core Elective- MSDS Core Elective- CS UG: Area Elective
  • CS 58009 " Special Topics in CS: Lattice-Based Cryptography and Homomorphic Encryption Schemes" Erkay Savaş & Dimitar Jetchev/ Offered in Spring Term. (Online course)/CS GR: Core Elective
  • CS 442/ 542  (double coded)  "Software Design Patterns" Anıl Koyuncu /Offered in Spring Term/ CS GR: Core Elective- CS UG: Area Elective
  • CS 438 "Blockchain: Security and Applications " Kamer Kaya/ CS UG: Area Elective
  • MAT 526 “Two-dimensional Materials and Applications”Ongun Özçelik /Offered in Spring Term/ MAT GR: Core Elective- ETM GR: Core Elective
  • MAT 68005 "Special Topics in MAT: Advanced Electrochemistry"Mohammed Zabara /Offered in Spring Term/ MAT GR: Area Elective
  • MAT 48005/ MAT 58005 (double coded) "Special Topics in MAT: Polymer Engineering/ Processing Fundamentals" Yakup Ülçer (Part Time Instructor) /Offered in Spring Term./ MAT GR: Core Elective- MATH GR: Core Elective, MAT UG: Area Elective
  • PHYS 617 "Quantum Field Theory I" Durmuş Ali Demir /Offered in Spring Term./ PHYS GR: Core Elective- MATH GR: Core Elective
  • PHYS 618 "Quantum Field Theory II" Durmuş Ali Demir/ PHYS GR: Core Elective- MATH GR: Core Elective
  • ENS 410 “Advanced Solid Modeling Techniques” Utku Seven /Offered in Spring Term. / MAT UG: Core Elective- ME UG: Area Elective- EE UG: Area Elective- IE UG: Area Elective