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Success of ME Alumni Umut Celal Kenanoğlu

Our ME alumni Umut Celal Kenanoğlu’s paper has been selected as the Honorable Mention for the Best IEEE Transactions of Haptics Short Paper Award at the IEEE World Haptics Conference based on the criteria of significance, originality, technical challenge, and applicability.

"A Fundamental Limitation of Passive Spring Rendering with Series Elastic Actuation" by Umut Celal Kenanoğlu and Volkan Patoğlu

IEEE World Haptics Conference 2023 is the 10th joint EuroHaptics Conference and the IEEE Haptics Symposium. The IEEE World Haptics Conference is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s premier international conference that covers all aspects of haptics, including fundamental scientific findings, technological developments, algorithms, and applications.

Congratulations to Umut!