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SEMINAR:Neurotrauma in a Dish

Speaker: Gürkan Öztürk

Title: Neurotrauma in a Dish

Date/Time:  17 November 2021 / 13:40 - 14:30 pm

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Passcode: gradsem

Abstract: : Axonal injury and transection is a phenomenon that occurs primary or secondary to nervous system traumas, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases. As consequences, partial or total degeneration of the proximal part and changes leading to survival or death of the neuron take place. Secondary neuronal death and consequent enlargement of the initial lesions and loss of function are among the expected results of such axonal injuries. Beside some well known mechanisms, we have discovered that neurons respond to axonal injury also by contracting. The results of our studies in which we investigated the mechanical properties of this contraction, the routes of calcium entry required for contraction,  the signaling mechanism and relationship of this phenomenon with the neuronal survival will be presented.

Bio: Born in Karabük in 1968. He obtained a graduate degree from Hacettepe Medical School in 1993 as a medical doctor. He was in the UK between 1995 and 1999 for PhD training in physiology at King’s College London. After receiving the Ph.D. degree Dr. Öztürk returned to Turkey and started to work as assistant professor in Yüzüncü Yıl University, Medical School, Van. In 2001 he established a centre for neuroscience where he would lead high impact research for about ten years. He was invited to join newly established Istanbul Medipol University in 2010 as a full professor where he was given the responsibility and authority to design and develop infrastructure and human resources for biomedical and health research. In 2012 he got a substantial governmental grant with which he established "Regenerative and Restorative Medical Research Center - REMER". In 2016, he successfully received another grant to upgrade and restructure the existing research infrastructure to a research institute, namely Medipol Research Institute for Health Sciences (and Technologies SABITA) that now hosts  6 more research centers and facilities beside REMER.  Dr. Öztürk is currently holding a faculty position at the Department of Physiology in the International School of Medicine. He is the Head of Basic Medical Science Division and the director of SABITA.