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SEMINAR:Neumaier graphs with few eigenvalues

Speaker: Aida Abiad,

Title: Neumaier graphs with few eigenvalues

Date/Time:  24 November 2021 / 13:40 - 14:30 pm

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Abstract:  Strongly regular graphs are interesting mathematical objects that have important applications in coding theory, combinatorics and computer science among others. As a superclass of strongly regular graphs, edge-regular graphs are typically less structured and harder to classify. However, we can often infer properties of edge-regular graphs which contain specific substructures, and this is where Neumaier graphs (edge-regular graphs containing a regular clique) come into play. Since their introduction in early 1980s, Neumaier graphs have attracted quite some attention in the community of algebraic combinatorics due to their connections with group theory and number theory, among others. In this talk we will discuss some recent results on Neumaier graphs with few eigenvalues.