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SEMINAR:Strange Loops in Design and Technology

Speaker: Prof. Giovanni De Micheli

Title: Strange Loops in Design and Technology

Date/Time: 14 November  2022 / 11:00-12:00

Location: FENS G035 

Abstract:Strong ties link the evolution of computing, semiconductor technology and design automation. The unprecedented growth of system solutions, services and markets are due to the cross-fertilization of various areas of science and technology, where often new problems motivate new solutions in a circular way. Design automation has led engineers in sailing through uncharted territories, in shaping our digital society on robust grounds and in providing us with a launchpad for the future. 

This presentation is inspired by the Keynote Speech with the same title, delivered by Professor De Micheli at the 59th Design Automation Conference (DAC) which was held in San Francisco in July 2022.

Bio: Giovanni De Micheli is a research scientist in electronics and computer science. He is credited for the invention of the Network on Chip design automation paradigm and for the creation of algorithms and design tools for Electronic Design Automation (EDA). He is Professor and Director of the Integrated Systems Laboratory at EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland. Previously, he was Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He was Director of the Electrical Engineering Institute (IEL) at EPFL from 2008 to 2019 and program leader of the Swiss Federal program. He holds a Nuclear Engineer degree (Politecnico di Milano, 1979), a M.S. and a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (University of California at Berkeley, 1980 and 1983). Prof. De Micheli is a Fellow of ACM, AAAS and IEEE, a member of the Academia Europaea and an International Honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. His current research interests include several aspects of design technologies for integrated circuits and systems, such as synthesis for emerging technologies. He is also interested in heterogeneous platform design including electrical components and biosensors, as well as in data processing of biomedical information. He is author of: Synthesis and Optimization of Digital Circuits, McGraw-Hill, 1994, co-author and/or co-editor of ten other books and of over 900 technical publications. His citation h-index is above 100 according to Google Scholar. He is member of the Scientific Advisory Board of IMEC (Leuven, B) and STMicroelectronics. Prof. De Micheli is the recipient of the 2022 ESDA-IEEE/CEDA Phil Kaufman Award, the 2019 ACM/SIGDA Pioneering Achievement Award, and several other awards.