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SEMINAR:Divisibility by 2 on quartic models of elliptic curves...

Speaker: Tuğba Yesin, Sabancı University

Title: Divisibility by 2 on quartic models of elliptic curves and rational Diophantine D(q)-quintuples

Date/Time:23 November 2022 / 14:40-15:30

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Meeting ID 999 6387 7622

Passcode: algebra

Abstract:Let C be a smooth genus one curve described by a quartic polynomial equation over the rational field Q with P ∈ C(Q). In this talk, we will give an explicit criterion for the divisibility-by-2 of a rational point on the elliptic curve (C, P). This generalizes the classical criterion of the divisibility-by-2 on elliptic curves described by Weierstrass equations.

We also employ this criterion to investigate the question of extending a rational D(q)-quadruple to a quintuple. We give concrete examples to which we can give an affirmative answer. One of these results implies that although the rational D(16t + 9)-quadruple {t, 16t + 8, 225t + 14, 36t + 20} can not be extended to a polynomial D(16t + 9)-quintuple using a linear polynomial, there are infinitely many rational values of t for which the aforementioned rational D(16t+9)-quadruple can be extended to a rational D(16t+9)-quintuple. Moreover, these infinitely many values of t are parametrized by the rational points on a certain elliptic curve of positive Mordell-Weil rank.

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