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Dean's Speaker Series: "Runtime Monitoring of Distributed Systems...

Guest: Serdar Taşıran

Date/ Time: December 21, 2022 18:40

Title: Runtime Monitoring of Distributed Systems at Amazon Web Services

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Biography: Serdar Tasiran is a Principal Applied Scientist at Amazon S3's Automated Reasoning. He got his PhD in  Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from UC Berkeley in 1998. Until 2003, he was a research  scientist at the DEC/Compaq/HP Systems Research Center (SRC). From 2003-2016, he was a Professor at  Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2016, he joined the AWS Automated Reasoning Group, which was at  that time part of AWS Security. In 2019, he started S3's dedicated Automated Reasoning Group. He has  had visiting appointments at Microsoft Research Redmond, Cambridge, and Bangalore, EPFL, and  University of Paris VI and University of Paris VII. He was a member of the ACM Europe Council and is a  member of the IFIP WG2.3 Programming Methodology Working Group. His work has focused on  concurrency: static methods for proving refinement, dynamic methods for checking refinement and  detecting concurrency errors. Most recently, he has been working on model-based testing.